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HELLO EVERYONE, this v?r is our first Blog and i could SGS not think about anything else Blog but GRATITUDE. I believe we leave in a world which is going far to fast, specially because of all this technology around us, we are loosing/forgetting the beautiful essence <a href="https://www click here for more.miamidolphinsjerseyspop.com”>cheap jerseys of what was important while ago. cheap jerseys wholesale NBA jerseys For example: When was the last time you 5o received/send a cheap NFL jerseys letter or a postcard from/to someone? Sadly our mailbox are full of advertising and bills with NO feelings attached. gratitutude2When was the Aicurzio last time someone gave you a stolen flower by 2 drops left on your top? Uffffff I think we were happy and did not know… LoL

When was the last time you play the Hopscotch, hide & seek or volleyball? Now we have fast phones which msg our thoughts, wishes and emotions, there are no bruisers on the knees/arms plus the uncontrollable laugh of a funny Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys fall.

At least we must to keep the Gratitude of those past moment of simplicity and companionship in mind, where the skin of a friend could be felt, and a smile could be shared side-by-side, the complicity from eye-to-eye… I AM GRATEFUL for those moments i had & shared, coming from a generation which saw the transformation of technology/communication/globalization & also devastation… I AM GRATEFUL for my de present moment, for being loved & healthy, also bright enough Litterae to know the eternal difference between right and wrong which never fluctuates. I AM GRATEFUL for being a daughter of an incredible woman, a friend/sister/immigrant/hard-worker/mixed-race/entrepreneur/karate-fighter/trilingual/wife/lawyer/dog-owner/optimistic/sarcastic (in the most delightful way)/food-lover/stepmother/Buddhist/open-mind/crazy-bird & a HotYoga Teacher. AND WITH THE GREATEST GRATITUDE I Welcome YOU ALL to my/our Hot Yoga world, were a lot will be shared from anatomy, thoughts, health, hotyoga/holidays/food & funny behaviors…. Keep tuned with an open ready for Museum a good cheap jerseys laugh & also serious healthy issues. Namaste Lucci ps. “Remember Life is too short to be little” L